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Make the life beautiful.

Born and raised in Tahiti, Timiri had always been interested in wellness and wholeness.

Graduated from Master degrees in Literature, Art Management and CSR, she has working experiences in education, corporate philanthropy and CSR in Japan, France and India.

She decided to step out from office and trained in Yoga, Massage therapies and NLP.

Believing in everyone's potential she designs personal sessions for body and mind development.

Knowing the corporate world and loving the freedom of travelling and creating beauty, I have a global approach. Trained in Yoga and massage, acupuncture and kinesiology, I am also an NLP coach. Besides I have a very academic background that brought me to Japan and Paris on my professional path.

I am using all of my tools to give the most appropriate treatment. I am giving special attention in every sessions and give you the chance to disconnect from the outer world and (re) connect to your true self and its infinite potential.

All of my services provide you the chance to relax, let go and renew during sessions held in a beautiful atmosphere.


I have this energy that makes people feeling comfortable and allows them to surrender and let go.