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Few words of the founder

Make life beautiful

Born and raised in Tahiti, Timiri has always been interested in wellness and wholeness.

Having graduated with Masters in Literature and Linguistic, Art Management and CSR, in Paris, she has working experience in education, art, corporate philanthropy and CSR in Japan, France and India.

Already familiar with the corporate world and loving the interaction between people, the freedom to travel and create beauty, she decided to train in Yoga, Shiatsu, acupuncture and other complementary holistic therapies like Ayurvedic Massage, NLP, kinesiology and Access Bars.

“As a Wellness therapist, coach and consultant, I am also considering myself an artist and fairy of wellbeing.

Believing in everyone's potential, TIMIRI designs personal sessions for body and mind development. With TIMIRI, we use all of our expertise to give our clients the most appropriate treatment along with the chance to disconnect from the outer world and (re) connect with their true selves and its infinite potential. ”



We are Based in Goa